Registration for Family Literacy Night is now closed.

The LIFT-NL committee invites

families to join us for a night of literacy!

Thursday September 26th, 2019 at 6:15PM to 8:00PM

Memorial Faculty of EducationĀ 

Curriculum Resource Library

Family literacy refers to the ways families develop and use literacy skills both at home and within the community. Enjoying a book together, playing board games, creating a shopping list, reading a recipe, are examples of family literacy.

During our Family Literacy night, families will gather and enjoy a little snack as they listen to Don Sawyer, author of Families that Read Together Grow Together! and The Lunchbag Chronicles.

Families will also hear from local authors such as:

Lori Doody, Susan Chalker-Browne and Gina Noordhof. Beth Maddigan, education librarian will also be there to provide fun and engaging breaks in between each reading.

The LIFT-NL team is committed to promoting family literacy and they look forward to seeing you September 26, 2019 for an enriching and entertaining evening

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Download the Literacy night posterĀ Here