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My Indian by Mi’sel Joe and Sheila O’Neill 

(Grade 7 and Up)

Description: In a remarkable feat of historical fiction, My Indian follows Sylvester Joe from his birth (in what is now known as Miawpukek First Nation) and early life to his journey guiding a European explorer William Cormack across Newfoundland. But will Sylvester Joe lead Cormack to the Beothuk, or will he protect the Beothuk and lead his colonial explorer away?

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Word Search of Newfoundland and Labrador Volume 1

Nick Cranford

Say hello to the Word Search of Newfoundland and Labrador, the ultimate puzzle book for word search enthusiasts and lovers of this stunning place we call home.
Featuring 140 puzzles ranging from easy to challenging, each word search will give you an opportunity to learn something new about this province. From our culture, to our landmarks, to our history, to our sayings, to our diverse communities, to fast facts, to our friends (and even folks you may know), each puzzle is carefully crafted to ensure that every word you find is one you can add to your vocabulary.

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Micro Mentor Texts 

Penny Kittle

At a time when students’ attention is being pulled in many directions, Penny Kittle shows us how to help them focus and write clearly and compellingly using micro mentor texts. Her book includes dozens of passages and accompanying mini-lessons as well as practice opportunities for students and demonstration videos for you.

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Suliwey: The Sequel to My Indian by Mi’sel Joe and Sheila O’Neil

 (Grade 7 and Up)

Description:  Suliewey continues the story of Mi’kmaw guide Sylvester Joe, whose traditional name is Suliewey, as he leaves the service of his colonial explorer and seeks out the last remaining Beothuk community on his own to warn them, correcting the historical narrative that the Mi’kmaq of Newfoundland and the Beothuk were enemies.

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Crosswords of Newfoundland and Labrador Volume 1
Nick Cranford

 Say hello to Crosswords of Newfoundland and Labrador, the ultimate puzzle book for crossword enthusiasts and lovers of this stunning place we call home.

Featuring 140 puzzles and over 2,000 clues, some which will challenge you, some which are super obvious, and somewhere you'll have to really work that brain power, each crossword is carefully crafted to give you an immersive learning experience in everything that's unique about this province while having fun at the same time.

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Reading Above the Fray 

Dr Julia B. Lindsey

Dr. Julia B. Lindsey’s evidence-based routines help young readers decode words efficiently so they can spend more energy on comprehending and enjoying what they read!

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Luna and the Heart of the Forest by Adam Karlin

(Grades 4 -7)

Description:   Follow the adventures of Luna, an adventurous girl of 11, along with a cast of ghosts and folkloric beings, including a redemption-seeking Viking, a friendly whale, and a murderous bog monster, in this dark fantasy brimming with ghosts and folklore immersed in the saltwater of the Canadian Atlantic. 

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Nan’s House 

written by 

Jillian McCarthy

illustrated by 

Corey Majeau

The best things in life are not things.

A child's experiences while visiting grandparents can be extra special. In Nan’s House, you will take a journey using your five senses while soaking up all that is offered from the moment you first open the door. Through the years, traditions and decor may change, but the love and joy of family remain the same. Join in on this colourful and rhyming adventure as we explore the small moments in childhood that end up making the biggest memories!

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A Newfoundland Puppy 

written by Samantha Baker

illustrated by Dawn Baker

Lucky, an adorable Newfoundland puppy, is about to embark on the first big adventure of his young life — getting to know his newly adoptive family and making himself at home on their farm. Join Lucky as he follows Rebecca and Alex, the two family children, as they work and play on the farm. All three discover new things about their world and themselves in this sweet tale about bonding and growing up.

And for a bonus treat, take some time to complete this book's search-and-find activity.

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isthisanology? by Amanda Jean Dorothy Bulman and Ruth Lawrence, illustrated by Leon Chung

(Grade 4-7)

Description:   A journey of discovery in this Forest of Reading Yellow Cedar-nominated tie-in to the Bell Fibe show of the same name! Join author and host Andie as she interviews different “ologists” and learns all about different types of science.

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Strive for Five Conversations

Tricia A. Zucker
& Sonia Q. Cabell

Zucker and Cabell’s science-based Strive-for-Five conversation framework accelerates young children’s language and literacy development.

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Mighty Moves 

Lindsay Kemney

In this no-nonsense guide, primary reading expert and classroom teacher Lindsay Kemeny shares seven ways K-3 teachers can modify what they are currently doing to transform their reading instruction.

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Songs in the Sea 

by Pheilm Martin

(Grade K-6)

Description:  A timely picture book for young children following Little Whale's adventures with his marine friends as he searches for Mama Whale despite the ocean traffic. A heartwarming tale of resilience with an ecological message baked right in.

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Poppa and the Sacred Kitpu 

written by
Judith M. Doucette

illustrated by
Rebecca Reid

After being invited to his grandson’s school to share his wisdom and knowledge of his traditional Mi’kmaw culture, Poppa is happy to return as a respected Indigenous Elder and Knowledge Keeper. Now we find Poppa giving his next gin’masuti—lesson in our culture—to his grandson, François, and his friends Paul and Joe.
While spending the afternoon with Poppa, the boys get to learn about the Sacred Kitpu—the bald eagle—and why it’s so important. Poppa engages the children with eager imaginings of how the Sacred Kitpu is not only a powerful spirit guide but also represents the Spirit of the Creator among us. It is the messenger between Mother Earth and the Spirit World, whispering to the Creator our prayers, touching the face of the Creator with its wing.
Poppa teaches the children through mystic wonder how we use the Sacred Kitpu feather in many different cultural ceremonies. He embraces their eagerness to learn and shares the tradition of smudging—using the Kitpu feather, along with Sacred Medicines that burn in a smudge bowl to purify our body, mind, and spirit. The children delight in discovering the importance the Sacred Kitpu plays in MI’kmaw culture and heritage

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Big Words for Young Readers

Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer

Dr. Heidi Anne Mesmer shares a K-5 scope and sequence to guide practice and offers abundant research-backed strategies that teachers can put into action immediately.

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Clever Dolphins!

Clever Dolphins - “!” is Book 10 of our Red Series, Through an orthographic lens, the book provides opportunities to practice the digraph <ph> as /f/ (e.g., “photo”) and consonant-le words (e.g., “little”).

Through a comprehension and vocabulary development lens, this non-fiction book helps young readers learn more about dolphins as a species, with a particular focus on their amazing intelligence.

For those wishing to learn more about dolphins, a link is provided to the Dolphin Innovation Project from which this photo of dolphins using “tools’ was provided.

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On the Rug

“On the Rug” is Book 4 of our Yellow Series. This book provides opportunities to practice the consonants <r>/r/ and <l>/l/, as well as the suffix <-s>.

This book is one of the earliest in our series, but it is still fun, engaging, and meaningful. As more and more pets pile on top, students can’t help but predict what might happen next.

The Yellow Series contains 5 illustrated books and 5 photo books. These meaningful texts are great for students who are at the beginning of their reading journey.

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In the Bush

"In the Bush” is Book 7 of our Green Photo Series. This book provides opportunities to practice the consonant trigraph <-tch>/ch/, and the various pronunciations of <u> (such as in the word “bush”).

We have done our best throughout the series to include a range of places, people, and themes that may be familiar and interesting for students. Some of our books have urban themes, while others are more rural. “In the Bush” is a story about a group of children exploring a walking path through a forest.

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“Why?” is Book 6 of our Blue Series. This book provides opportunities to practice vowel digraph <ai>/ā/ (e.g., “tail”).

SyllaSense books demonstrate a range of text types. The book “Why?” demonstrates a question/answer format, where questions such as “Why do skunks smell?” are explored.

The Blue Series contains a mix of non-fiction, and books that have a narrative structure, describing what the characters are doing and experiencing.

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The Tides

“The Tides” is Book 7 of our Purple Series. This book provides opportunities to practice the
suffix <-est> as “the most” (e.g., “biggest”).
SyllaSense is proudly a Canadian company, and we strive to include Canadian themes in
our books. “The Tides” is a book about Hopewell Rocks, where you can experience some of
the highest tides in the world.
The Purple Series introduces a range of prefixes and suffixes, the exploration of which can
help students to develop vocabulary in a meaningful way.

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