Event LIFT-NL 2024 starts on October 25, 2024 at 8:45:00 AM -0330
Krista Phelan & Katie Baggs - Little Nest Children’s Community
Location: Conception Bay North - 10/25/24, 11:30 AM - 10/25/24, 12:30 PM (-0330) (1 hour)

Krista Phelan &  Katie Baggs - Little Nest Children’s Community
Krista Phelan & Katie Baggs

Little Nest Children’s Community is a preschool that focuses on nature play, inquiry-based learning and the Arts. After opening in 2018 Little Nest quickly gained a reputation for high quality programming. Owners Krista Phelan (B.Ed, Montessori Preschool, Level III ECE) and Katie Baggs (B.A, B.Ed, Level III ECE) set out to create a unique learning environment that could combine alternative education with the requirements of government-licensed child care. They have found creative ways to meet and exceed standards, and to offer children a truly immersive nature-based program right in the city of St. John's.

Literacy Moves Through the Seasons
In this workshop, Krista Phelan and Katie Baggs will facilitate conversations and experiences that mirror those of the children who attend Little Nest through the seasons. The ideas behind the conversations and experiences will be applicable to all primary/elementary grade levels because they begin with inspiration from nature and go wherever the children and educators may take them, through play, inquiry, storytelling, literature, music, movement, and more. When children and their priorities are authentically placed at the center of a program or experience, essential connections are made and strengthened. These include the connection between children and the natural environment, connection to language, and their sense of connection to self, family and the community. All of these connections build a foundation that supports overall wellbeing and a life-long love of learning.

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