Event LIFT-NL 2024 starts on October 25, 2024 at 8:45:00 AM -0330
Danielle Kelsey & Colleen Powers - NL Schools
Location: Salon C - 10/25/24, 11:30 AM - 10/25/24, 12:30 PM (-0330) (1 hour)

Danielle Kelsey & Colleen Powers - NL Schools
Danielle Kelsey & Colleen Powers

Danielle Kelsey & Colleen Powers are a power team. Based on an eight year friendship that began all because of the love for learning and being creative within their school. They both teach and reside within the city limits and are steadily committed to the learning and engagement of learners of any age. While they love laughing and learning together, they love finding ways to be change makers even more. Their motto, “You don’t need to move fast, you just need to move forward” is the essence of their core. Learning and teaching literacy in a multimedia atmosphere help achieve just that.

This professional learning session will explore the role of art-making and makerspaces in fostering literacy development, with a focus on the design software of Canva for Education. The session will provide educators with an understanding of how to use Canva as a tool to enhance literacy skills and will equip them with the knowledge necessary to incorporate art and technology into their pedagogy in an engaging and effective way. The goal is to empower educators and learners to integrate art and technology meaningfully into their practice as a way to enhance student engagement, support literacy development, and cultivate a dynamic learning experience for all.

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