Event LIFT-NL 2024 starts on October 25, 2024 at 8:45:00 AM -0330
Josée Bisaillon - Canadian Illustrator
Location: Salon C - 10/25/24, 2:45 PM - 10/25/24, 4:00 PM (-0330) (1 hour 15 minutes)

Josée Bisaillon - Canadian Illustrator
Josée Bisaillon

Josée Bisaillon is an award-winning Canadian illustrator. Since 2005, she has illustrated more than 40 picture books and has done numerous editorial illustrations for magazines and newspapers.Her work has received recognition from Applied Arts, American Illustration and the Society of Illustrators, to name a few. She was shortlisted four times for the Governor General’s Literary Awards. Her work, a unique mixture of collage, drawings, and digital art, takes us in a poetic, colorful and whimsical world.

Crank up your creativity In this 75-minute session, Josée will share with you some new fun ideas to get your students and yourself to explore art more freely. After a brief overview on how a picture book is made, Josée will offer some useful tips on how to step out of your comfort zone and crank up your creativity by showing you her unique way of illustrating, using collage, pastels, watercolor and more. You’ll learn new techniques to help you develop your style more deeply.

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