Keynote - Beyond the Right Answer
Location: Salon A - 9/23/22, 9:30 AM - 9/23/22, 10:15 AM (-0330) (45 minutes)

Keynote - Beyond the Right Answer
Marian Small

Marian Small writes and speaks about K-12 math across the country. Her focus is on teacher questioning to get at the important math, to include all students, and to focus on critical thinking and creativity. 

Some resources she has written include MathUp, Making Math Meaningful for Canadian Students, Good Questions: A Great Way to Differentiate Math Instruction, Uncomplicating Fractions,  Open Questions for Rich Math Lessons, and The School Leader’s Guide for Building and Sustaining Math Success.

For many parents, teachers, and children, math is about getting right answers, usually as quickly as possible. But is that really all we want for students? I don’t think so. My goal as a math teacher is less about getting answers, but more about developing students who can reason, analyze, make sense of mathematical situations and relate new mathematical situations to familiar ones. 

This session will focus on what we, as educators, need to do differently to make that happen. 

There will be many very specific examples at all levels from K - 6.

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