Hungry for Books - A Book Tasting of Indigenous Titles
Location: Salon F - 9/23/22, 1:30 PM - 9/23/22, 2:30 PM (-0330) (1 hour)

Hungry for Books - A Book Tasting of Indigenous Titles
Shannon Dicker

Shannon Dicker started her teaching career in her hometown of Nain, NL. She spent six years in kindergarten before moving to Alberta for a year where she taught and ran an experiential learning program out of a fitness facility for students in grades 4-9. Family and small town living brought her back to Nain where she taught another year in kindergarten. When a new opportunity arose, Shannon accepted a position as Program Specialist for Indigenous Education which is her current role. It is her passion to share her Inuit roots and to learn about other Indigenous groups. Working with young children and teaching them to read was such a rewarding experience that she holds near and dear to her heart. As Barak Obama once said, “Reading is important. If you know how to read, then the whole world opens up to you”. Shannon believes that read alouds have the potential to teach children just about anything and through this interaction and bonding, you can foster a love of reading.


You can’t taste a book by its cover! Come and join Shannon Dicker as she hosts a book tasting with an Indigenous flair! This session will highlight Indigenous titles related to the theme of Truth and Reconciliation. There will be an opportunity to experience what a book tasting may look like in the classroom as participants get the chance to browse titles and compile a list of books to later read and add to your classroom libraries. Finally, Shannon will end with how heavy topics can be addressed through read alouds and how you can turn them into beautiful thought provoking life lessons to become informed and to do better moving forward as educators.

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